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work from home

From: Work From Home Business Simeon Tuitt

Leicester, United Kingdom


Dear Work From Home Business Seeker,


How would you like to learn how to Work From Home and make money online using the internet to make money fast? On this page I will reveal how to Make Money Online by setting up little Work From Home money machines that run and make money for your bank account quickly.


I call this my Cash For The Weekend System because anytime I use it I make money in days for the weekend.


work from home online


I Work From Home On The Internet And Make Money From A Number Of Different Work From Home Money Making Methods And So Can YOU.

This is by far one of the easiest, quickest and most effective methods I use to work from home and make money online. 

Itís Also My Favourite Ways To Work From Home.


Iím not talking about sales from eBooks from my page one sites either to work from home and make money Ė this is a completely separate venture that Iíd like to share with you. I cannot believe more people donít know about this way of earning a work from home income.

Letís knock some of the Ďconventionalí way of thinking about making money into a cocked hat. 

If any of you have read eBooks before about how to work from home and make money online youíll know that Iím always searching for ways to make money online and work from home that donít conform to the norm. 


I walk the talk Ė I actually use the methods in my eBooks to work from home to make money online each and every month. Not just so I can say that I use them Ė but also because I make a lot of money online from them.

More importantly it means I can guide you, step by step through the same process so you can work from home to make money. You will need to do some setting up but once itís done youíll not have to do it again.

Itíll take around 3 days if youíve not done anything online before to work from home and make money online.


The Videos Below Are Just To Show You What I Do Produces Me A Work From Home Income And If You Want To Work From Home And Make Money Online You Have To Invest In The eBook Material Here Today



Here Is Another Video And This Is What I Love About My Work From Home Business That Allows Me To Make Money Online



In 2006 Before My Work From Home Business Was Started My Life Absolutely Sucked, I Was Getting Up At 3:00am, Starting Work In The Warehouse At 6:15am And Finishing My Work Day At 14:15pm


work from homeTo the left you can see a picture of me at the last job I did before I quit to start working from home full time late in 2006, don't I look really happy? I absolutely hated that job, but that picture was taken at the best part of the day other than going home, LUNCH was the only part of the day I enjoyed working at that warehouse because it's the only time I got to rest..

I used to unload large stock lorries for a well known high street discount shop ladies love, 8 hours a day for about £5.85 an hour and man did I hate it, they were dusty, smelly, dark and miserable places to work in. As if the conditions to working in the lorries were not bad enough, I suffer claustrophobia (fear of small enclosed spaces), but I needed the money so I had no choice than to work at this warehouse to make enough money to eat and live.

It Used To Cost Me £5 A Day Just To Travel To Work, That's £25 A Week Before I Even Got Paid From Work


work from homeTo the right you can see the sort of lorry I used to unload 8 hours a day, I did about 3 a day working in a team. The bad thing about working in teams is they were chosen for you, so you didn't have a say on who you actually got to work with and if you didn't get on then you had to deal with it.


I got put in a few crap teams with lazy people that did absolutely no work apart from when the BOSS was doing the rounds, all of a sudden they would start looking busy. The worse part of team work is, if someone slacks it means everyone suffers and has to get an ear bashing from the BOSS, since when you unload trucks you have a fixed amount of time to unload the truck so it can be moved off the dock, if it isn't unloaded in time the company has to pay a penalty fee of a few hundred.


So if that were to ever happen the BOSS would get told off by management, so he stressed at everyone ahead of time who worked at unloading the trucks to make sure they were done in time.


I Once Got Stuck In A Lorry For 2 Hours Unloading With Someone With Body Odour So Bad My Eyes And Nose Burned And He Couldn't Smell Himself


Here is a day I will never forget, as I keep saying I hated the job at the warehouse and it seemed every time I went to work I would find a new reason why I absolutely hated the place even more, making me more determined I would start my home based business and BREAK FREE. 


At the warehouse as I said earlier we worked in teams, if memory serves me right, there was 1 person who did the paper work and counted the boxes and stock that came off the lorry, 3 people who unloaded the lorry, 2 would unpack the boxes onto a pallet truck, the sort you pull and 3rd person would pull the boxes out the lorry, sometimes there was another person to help pull away boxes, since we unloaded them onto the dock.


We often rotated the tasks throughout the day so we all got to do something different, personally I stayed away from the paper work because it involved a lot of math which I absolutely suck at and was the most responsibility and would get you into the most trouble if you ever messed up the stock count.


work from home


Anyway back to my point, I was in the lorry with a guy from Africa, nice guy who on most days I got on with, right hyper nutter in his early 40s, well I got stuck with him at a time he was fasting and as such as part of his fast he had obviously stopped washing because he smelt so bad the smell made your eyes and nose burn.


work from home


I do not know if you have been around a smell that bad before, but I tell you when you are stuck in a confined space with no ventilation, BO (Body Odour) is the last thing you want to smell, worse part is he wasn't even aware how bad he smelled. When you are emptying lorries you get hot and swetty as it is so can you imagine how bad it was when the person you are working with already smells from the start?


Anyway enough of my rant and tangent, I just wanted to share with you where I was in 2006 before starting my home based business full time and if I can do it, so can you with my help from this page.


This Work From Home Business Is So SIMPLE To Do


work from home

The method outlined in this eBook to work from home is by far one of my favorite and by far the easiest to operate to make money online, once a few basics have been set up (Donít worry Iíll show you how to do this), it is so SIMPLE even my 16 year old cousin understands it and can use it to work from home.

Iíve never failed to make less than £800 every time I do this to make money online. Usually much more. 

And with a little work itís possible to do this every single day to work from home full time. This system can bring you serious money in if you stay consistent with the process you learn to make money online.

If you know anything about me youíll be aware by now that I donít believe in working for a living at a JOB (Just Over Broke Ė a clichť but true) position to make money, I only believe in my work from home business.

I Think Work Is For The Lazy

work from home

Why? Because you get up, drive into work in a half-asleep state, clock on then proceed to act like a mindless robot for the rest of the day. You undertake mindless repetitive tasks that youíve done 1000 times before until itís time to go home to make money. It takes no real thought at all. What could be lazier than that?

Then that process to make money all begins again the next day. How lazy can you get?

No thinking involved. Of course the down side is the poor pay, the wage slave mentality and worse of all (remember we are on Earth for a limited time) you are selling what little amount of glorious time you have left. 

You are selling (for a price to make money so cheap itís laughable) your valuable life hours while all the time being told what to do by other people. I know everyone else does it, but does that make it sensible?

Whatís that? You have an interesting job that you quite like? Then stick to it like glue because youíre in a tiny minority of people who make money from something they enjoy. Most people are bored to tears by their jobs.


I Have To Constantly Change, Research And Evolve My Business To Work From Home Online. It Can Be Hard Work, But Itís Never Boring. It Makes Me Feel Alive And I Love The Constant Learning Process.

work from home

It Allows Me To Take Holidays Whenever I Like, I Work From Home Online And Best Of All I Donít Answer To Anyone. Thatís Very Important To Me.

work from home

work from home

work from home

Iím a strong believer in working to make money Ė but only IF youíre doing a job you love, when you want to do it and can stop or take time off when you want. I honestly love the way I work from home now.

I'm about to go on a holiday shortly just to chill out and while away I will still make money online.

You Will Love My Work From Home Business System

work from home

Now Iím not bragging Ė Iím really not Ė Iím just trying to let you know that life is NOT about working for other people, it's about having freedom to do what you want, when you want without worry.

As they say in the bank adverts Ė ĎThere is another way you knowí

Itís for living and loving and doing work that you enjoy and drinking whatever you like, buying presents for no reason (and walking and loving and all the other wondrous things youíve heard me preach about in the past. 

The information in this eBook has helped me to work from home and develop a lifestyle that I thank God for every day and can be used by anyone to make money online, at any experience level to profit from home.

So How Can This eBook Help You Start A Work From Home Business To Make Money Online From Home?

You wonít have the hassle of fulfilling orders or handling abusive refund requests. You wonít worry about your products being pirated or stolen and nor do you have to worry about idiots when you work from home online.

Simply put, this method can allow you to just work from home to make money online in a little known way that is hassle free and takes up just a few hours a week. 

If you want to work from home, from the comfort of a warm PC while the rest of the world rushes round like mad ants  to make money then this could be where you start.

If you want a JOB (Just Over Broke) position, which is slowly draining whatís left of your life and making someone else rich while waiting for the day they tell you to get lost and fire you, then fine. I wish you well.

work from home


Iíll Also Give You The Exact Wording Of The Email To Make Money Online, The Same E-mail That Has Brought In Over Eight Hundred Pounds In 72 Hours Repeatedly Time After Time, Copy And Paste It.


work from home


work from home


work from home


work from home


work from home


work from home

So whereís the catch?

There are two:

1. Youíll have to put some work in to set things up to work from home to make money online.

2. You may have to admit that youíve wasted a lot of your life working for the wrong person. Now itís time to start working for the right person Ė YOU to make money online and work from home.


Treat Yourself Or Your Family To Gifts With The Cash


work from home


The great thing about a work from home internet business to make money online is you can set as many incomes up as you like and leave them to make money on auto pilot to pay for anything. This is why I work from home because I know within days of using the information covered in this eBook I'll make money online.


My Work From Home Business Gives Me Time Freedom While I Make Money Online Easily


work from home

If you enjoy socialising and partying and having fun out with your friends as I do, this is something you will do a whole lot more of and have the funds to do a whole lot more of when you have the cash coming in from online.

work from home

In the above pictures are £115 bottles of champagne, now I ainít even a big fan of drinking champagne, but Dom Perignon champagne I will make an exception for and it is a nice drink to treat friends to when out.

work from home

Maybe youíre not a big clubber or fan of expensive drinks, maybe you are a technology geek like myself and enjoy your gadgets and would prefer a new TV, that is cool, itís entirely your choice what you spend cash on.


The key thing is having a way to make Cash For The Weekend or whenever you need it by learning this info.


Make Money Online And Stop Telling Your Kids No


work from home


Wouldnít you like to be able to treat your kids for once and give them pocket money again without talk of how it is going to affect the family budget and talking about being broke like you are auditioning for the broke factor.


work from home


Above is Johnno (John) AKA my wing man for the town, we hit town often and even though I am 30 now I still party as much as when I was 18, some people slow down as they get older. Well not me, you have to enjoy life to the full and when I hit certain targets with my home business I make sure we hit the town to celebrate.


work from home


Yeah the nights on the town usually do get messy, Johnno usually ends up much worse than I do and I spend the night looking after him, but hey itís all good fun partying with mates, life's about living, our time heres limited.


work from home


My friends are really important to me and I like catching up with them on the weekends to party, have drinks, catch up and make cool memories, life is for living, you canít live life while you are stuck in a day job working 9am Ė 5pm for minimum wage. So make sure you grab the eBook at the £200 discount below while you can.


work from home


Me and my mate Ez above, me him and Johnno used to always hit the town together, Ez has had to bow out of the mad nights now though as he has started a little family, but me and Johnno are still hitting town, clubs, bars and living the wild party life still.

Is This eBook For You And Will You Benefit From It?



If right now your finances are stretched to the limit and your wallet or purse is on a restrictive spending diet, then this is for you, if you find you have more month than money after each pay day you need this eBook.


You may be thinking, should I get this eBook and if you have read this far the answer is YES, unless within the next 30 days you are expecting a lottery win or some other luck intervention you need to do something to start bringing in cash and lets face it, there is only so much overtime you can do at work.


If You Have Unpaid Bills You Need This eBook Now


work from home


If you have a pile of bills somewhere that are unpaid and you are wishing they will sort themselves out, you need to take your head out the sand and get your ass in motion by grabbing this eBook and start taking steps to make cash online, otherwise your only option is do overtime at that place you hate or get another job.


The Number 1 UK Work From Home Online Site


work from home


This work from home business site is page 1 of search results on Bing and Yahoo in the UK and so anyone searching for work from home online information in the UK finds this site at the top of search results first. This puts me in a position where I can charge any price I like for the eBook information and will be putting the price up to £300 soon in line with my other information training products of which I charge a minimum of £300 fore.


Above not can you see this work from home business site is page one, but it is also number one on the page. This is down to being a full time work from home business entrepreneur who has worked from home 7 years and investing in the right work from home business training information like that you are about to buy now.


As you can see from the ads on the right and top above, people spend money to be on the first page of results on search results and I do not spend a penny because my site you are on now is in the natural organic results.


Number 2 For Work From Home Internet Business


work from home


This work from home internet business site is page one, number two of search results on Bing and Yahoo. So this site shows up everytime someone searches work from home internet business and again puts this site in front of thousands of people searching these highly competitive search words every single month online.


As you can see from the ads on the right and top above, people spend money to be on the first page of results on search results and I do not spend a penny because my site you are on now is in the natural organic results.


The Number 3 Site For Work From Home Business


work from home


This work from home business site is page one, number three of search results on Bing and Yahoo. So this site shows up everytime someone searches phrase work from home business and again puts this site in front of thousands of people searching the highly competitive search phrase every single month online.


As you can see from the ads on the right and top above, people spend money to be on the first page of results on search results and I do not spend a penny because my site you are on now is in the natural organic results.


How Would You Like Your BIGGEST PROBLEM Being The Daily Withdrawal Limit Imposed By Your Bank On ATMs Stopping You Withdrawing The Work From Home Money You Make To Spend?



Work From Home Business Bonus Videos Are Included Today If Your Order Is Placed Right Now On


work from home


Once you have made purchase of this work from home business training you will also get access to bonus which I will not detail here but that bonus alone is worth over £300, but I love giving bonuses to those who start up their own work from home business and educate themselves.


work from home


You will receive an access link and password to the Bonus work from home business videos if your order is placed before midnight, this Bonus is worth more than the entire cost of this training information product, so get your order placed now to secure it.


Press Add To Cart To Secure My Work From Home eBook


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You will receive my BRAND NEW Cash For The Weekend Work From Home eBook which reveals how you can make money online and earn an income online to generate a home based income using the internet.

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